Submission Period Over (Plus Tier Information)

Thank you to everyone who submitted a piece for consideration. It was truly humbling to see so many talented writers responding to our prompt with such enthusiasm. If you were unable to contribute to this particular anthology then never fear because we hope to have more prompts ready after this latest round is published (rumors of a world mythology anthology continue to gain traction here). Everyone will hear from us by July 1 with our offer for their submission and all final payments will be done by July 5.

Just so we’re all on the same page about the tier system here is a small breakdown of what each means:

Tier 1 – this piece grabbed our attention right from the beginning. It’s mastery of the prompt is evident and we want, no demand, that it be included in our anthology. We need this story like rice needs curry. Limited to 5 pieces, including the cover story.

Tier 2 – a work that we feel perfectly fits with the vision we have for this anthology. The author shows a keen understanding of the prompt and their work reflects it. The word count must be over 2,000 words, but we have no upward limit on how many we buy so long as it fits our total target word count. This tier will constitute 90% of our purchases.

Tier 3 – essentially a Tier 2 piece, but one that doesn’t meet the 2,000 word minimum. By paying a smaller amount for the shorter works means we can buy more Tier 2 pieces.

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Deadline Approaching

So many great entries have been submitted so far and we are looking forward to any last minute bursts of creative genius from anyone still working on their submission.

We’ll be in contact with everyone (yes, every person who submitted will get a personalized email) within two weeks after the deadline. The full author list will posted after that and further details on publishing dates and whatnot.

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Like us on Facebook!

Yes, the tentacles of the modern world have finally ensnared us: we have a Facebook page! Currently it only has one Like from our sub-editor Jesse so head over and make him feel less lonely.


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Two New Anthologies!

We here at Baird Speculative Fiction are proud to announce that we have created two additional anthologies for publication this year and are now accepting submissions for both of them. The first is I, Automaton: A Steampunk Collection and the second is Anathema: A Bizarro Anthology. We are very excited about both and look forward to reading the stories submitted.

Individual details for both can be found at their respective Submissions page. Thank you and once again if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to inquire with us at

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“Classic Scandinavian Feel”

This line from the ‘The Urban Anthology’ prompt seems to be causing a little concern among our potential writers. So what is the classic Scandinavian feel? Well, the best answer actually came from one of our contributors who pretty much nailed it:

I can see some common threads there–a tendency toward the heroic, vivid descriptions of the natural world, a strong sense of moral urgency, a not too rosy view of the future, a sense that being doomed to fail doesn’t excuse one from trying, an awareness of human smallness in the grand scheme of things.

With that being said, we will not be denying anyone for not including those rather lofty, in-depth characteristics in their own submissions. We are looking for quality work not graduate dissertations. Be as academic as you want in your work, but remember to make it fun for the readers (and editors!) to read. We are looking for modern takes on Norse legend/myth and including modern sensibilities is encouraged.

If you have anymore questions please feel free to contact us at

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Duotrope Page Is Live!

We now have some semblance of legitimacy! Check our Duotropes page for details or just go to our Submissions page where all the information you need is already available.

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Submissions Are Now Being Accepted

We are now accepting submissions for our inaugural anthology here at Baird Speculative Fiction. We will try to have a Duotropes page up soon (its a bit tricky for ‘fledgling’ markets). Please check Submissions for guidelines on what we’re looking for.

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