New Info on Monday

Hello folks!

Very sorry about the delay in the steampunk acceptance emails. They are done (by Thursday actually) and you can expect an email tomorrow from us. Now onto the logic behind the delay…

The delay came about as a discussion on “purchasing power” for each anthology. Essentially, we X amount of money to spend on stories for each anthology. Since there were relatively few steampunk entries compared to the sheer, tidal wave of the bizarro ones, we discussed whether to transfer a little bit of money from one to the other. Doing so would’ve cut about 5 submissions from I, Automaton and significantly increased the number of Anathema entries able to be accepted.

Deals were struck, apologies were mumbled, and the authors didn’t suffer too much (Catholic school taught us that a little suffering can be a good thing). So again, sorry for the extreme delay in emails, but we hope you’ll understand it was for the greater good. More info to come on the bizarro emails.

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