Steampunk Emails

Everyone who submitted for I, Automaton should’ve received their email by now. If not please contact us immediately so we can track it down.

Bizarro authors:
A) You guys are sick. In the best way possible
B) Expect emails starting next week

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Missing Urban Eddur Submissions

Oh, one more thing for authors who have never recieved an email concerning their submissions for The Urban Eddur. We have located all of them via George mindmelding with his computer (imagine the ‘Drift’ from Pacific Rim, but between a man and his crappy 2003 MacBook) and you will get emails about them tomorrow as well. Thanks for your patience.

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New Info on Monday

Hello folks!

Very sorry about the delay in the steampunk acceptance emails. They are done (by Thursday actually) and you can expect an email tomorrow from us. Now onto the logic behind the delay…

The delay came about as a discussion on “purchasing power” for each anthology. Essentially, we X amount of money to spend on stories for each anthology. Since there were relatively few steampunk entries compared to the sheer, tidal wave of the bizarro ones, we discussed whether to transfer a little bit of money from one to the other. Doing so would’ve cut about 5 submissions from I, Automaton and significantly increased the number of Anathema entries able to be accepted.

Deals were struck, apologies were mumbled, and the authors didn’t suffer too much (Catholic school taught us that a little suffering can be a good thing). So again, sorry for the extreme delay in emails, but we hope you’ll understand it was for the greater good. More info to come on the bizarro emails.

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Deadlines Tomorrow

The I, Automaton and Anathema deadlines are tomorrow. We will be reading the steampunk entries first since there is significantly less than the bizarro ones. Hopefully you guys will know by Wednesday.

Bizarro writers will need to be patient with us as we wade through the 100+ submissions. Thank you in advance!

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Emails Out!

Last round of emails just went out! Please check your inboxes, spam folders, and dovecotes for anything labelled ‘The Urban Eddur.’

If you did not receive an email about your submission then please contact us immediately so that we can track it down and get you a response.

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Hey folks,

Just a quick reminder to check your inboxes today for any emails related to The Urban Eddur! If you get an acceptance email then please be sure to get back to us as quickly as possible to either decline or accept our Tier bid for your submission. We can’t send out the next round of emails until we hear from the first ones.

And again on behalf of everyone here at Baird Speculative Fiction thank you so much for all the submissions. It has been a joy and a pleasure to read each of them (even the really messed up Bizarro ones). Thanks again.

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Happy 4th of July

We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday weekend. Remember to aim fireworks away from yourself, drink your PBR in moderation and always let your friends investigate those suspicious noises coming from the woods.

Acceptance emails will start being sent out Monday and will finish by Wednesday. More exciting to news to come!

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